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Sa 15.03.2014, 14:30h – “Day of vocal training”
Ort: Pfarrsaal der Christi-Himmelfahrts-Kirche, Hochbruckerstraße, 86609 Donauwörth
The aim of the event is not only to offer the possibility to express one’s voice more effective and better to experienced singers, but also to provide “newbies” valuable assistance to the singing practice.
Manuel Kundinger provides, inter alia, how the voice is sung gently and carefully, as increased by the use of various techniques of vocal range and power of expression, and with the correct intonation and pronunciation, the quality of an interpretation can be improved.
With Manuel Kundingers lively lecturing style and vitality this afternoon promises to be a very special musical experience for all participants. During the event, in addition to pure vocal training a 4-voice choir set is rehearsed. The required scores are included in the registration fee and may be taken at the end of the event.
Drinks are all participants at cost provided on site. Parking around the church is possible. To conclude the event, interested parties can meet in a nearby hotel / restaurant “Zum Deutschmeister” to talk and socialize.
The number of participants is limited, the seats will be reserved in the order of receipt of payment. For more information read the below registration form.
Flyer “Tag der Stimmbildung”
Registration form