Singing Lessons

My work as a singing teacher and vocal coach is close to my heart and occupies a large space in my professional field of work.

Depending on the predisposition of the student and the chosen repertory together the aspects of singing in varying degrees are deepened and promoted. A physically-based vocal technique allows the students a safe and healthy use of the voice, no matter what style.

Teaching is also ideal for people who need to speak much such as teachers. Furthermore I offer vocal support of choirs.


It is the target of the piano lessons to lead the student individually, according to his own personal talents, closer to the music. The understanding of music is learned through independent creative use of the instrument.

Teaching contents include natural posture, dexterity, design phrases, music theory, ear training and music-stylistic interpretation.

Please use the contact form to register. I will call you back to clarify the setting of the lessons.